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Reasons to Use Ipe Decking

If you are looking for material for decking, then Ipe wood is something that you should consider. This type of wood is an exotic kind of wood that comes from South America and is also called Brazilian Walnut. Ipe wood has properties that are ideal for a decking project for your home.

Ipe wood is very tough wood, having come from the Tabebuia Tree that is found in South America. The environment where this tree grows is one of the reasons why this tree is very tough and so produces a tough kind of wood. This type of wood has natural oils and natural hardness so it is almost like it is treated wood. And because of this natural characteristic of the wood, it can last for a very long time no matter where you put it.

Ipe wood can give you an authentic wooden deck that is durable and waterproof and is better than any synthetic decking materials. Here are some of the benefits of using Ipe wood for your deck.

Ipe wood is a very dense kind of wood, and this is what makes it very durable. It has a natural resistance to mildew, fire, insects and you don’t even have to treat it. It is sustainable and eco-friendly. The fire rating of Ipe wood is that same as that of concrete and steel. If you compare this type of wood to other materials, you will find that it does not contract and expand easily. These properties alone will ensure that your Ipe wood decking will last for a very long time. It is also a kind of wood that will look good on your deck. You can this site for the best decking products or order now!

The reason why it will look good on your deck is that its texture is uniform and smooth. It is wavy and straight grains with a texture that is very fine. You don’t even need to seal it and it is easy to maintain. You simply need clean and mop it. You can apply oil to this type of wood in order to help it repel UV rays and water. The reddish-brown color of the wood will be maintained if you apply oil to it.

There are many sizes of Ipe wood and you can find one for your decking needs. You can use Ipe wood for decking boards, posts, treads, skirting, handrails, and joists. You can also find Ipe heavy timber that is ideal for making boardwalks and other types of applications. You can find both air dried and kiln dried Ipe wood. Or, you can get them pre-grooved and with tongue-and-groove. You can read more on this here:

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